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The Corona Virus is Just a Concept That Only Exists on Paper '' pHorever Young Blog
...Second, read Nobel laureate Kary Mullis, PhD book, ''The Polymerase Chain Reaction'' (PCR). Dr. Mullis does not see the relevance for testing antibodies by PCR when the virus such as HIV or COVID '' 19 have not been isolated, purified, genetically... (from No Agenda Episode 1266 - "33 Cases")
...The leaders of the new Age of Wonder, Dyson noted, include "biology wizards" Kary Mullis, Craig Venter, medical engineer Dean Kamen, and "computer wizards" Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Charles Simonyi, and John Brockman and Katinka Matson, the cofounders of... (from No Agenda Episode 1353 - "Lousy Hummus")
The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a "Test" To Lock Down Society - Global Research better understand and not be manipulated The PCR technique was developed by chemist Kary B. Mullis in 1986. Kary Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1993. Although this is disputed [3], Kary Mullis himself is said... (from No Agenda Episode 1293 - "Covidiots")
VIDEO - Rabbit Hole
...This loveable darling who invented PCR, Kary Mullis, was murdered in 2019 to prevent the world from learning about the "number lies" that currently has everyone chasing their tails in futility. Your browser does not support the video tag. Excessive... (from No Agenda Episode 1352 - "Race Norming")
COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless '' OffGuardian
...And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: ''Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.'' So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis... (from No Agenda Episode 1291 - "The Election Special")
Apprehending the False Promise of Biosecurity
...C-19 PCR ''Gold Standard'' Test Isn't Kary Mullis was a scientist. He never spoke like a globalist, and said once, memorably, when accused of making statements about HIV that could endanger lives: ''I'm a scientist. I'm... (from No Agenda Episode 1292 - "Killing Mink")
A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation - The Philosophical Salon
...As many will know by now, the diagnostic unreliability of the PCR test was denounced by its inventor himself, Nobel laureate Kary Mullis (unfortunately passed away on 7 August 2019), and recently reiterated by, among others, 22 internationally renowned experts... (from No Agenda Episode 1390 - "No Hugs For You!")
COVID-19 only kills people who were flu vaccinated. |
...In fact, Kary Mullis who invented PCR, Nobel Laureate, and others, said PCR was never intended for diagnostic testing. So that puts that to bed. It takes nothing to develop a really good serology [i.e., antibody] test '... [It takes... (from No Agenda Episode 1240 - "Meat Must Flow")
How criminals have taken over the world's 'health' industry |
...As Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the polymerase chain-reaction (PCR) technique, said, with any chemotherapy drug, you're supposed to give it to somebody for two weeks. Chemotherapy is designed to kill every cell in... (from No Agenda Episode 1399 - "Noodle Mensch")
Regulatory Concern of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Carryover Contamination | IntechOpen
...Kary Mullis at Cetus Corporation conceived of polymerase chain reaction. There is not any technique that has had a greater impact on the practice of molecular biology than PCR. PCR-based methods are powerful techniques [3]. This technique is centered... (from No Agenda Episode 1296 - "Kraken Keeper")